This is history?

Tuesday afternoon, a very much alive and very much mobile wolf spider skitters off the glue trap as I shriek and ask myself , “What even does this have to do with my degree?”

Wednesday, my supervisor takes a picture of me vacuuming fake food to put on facebook to confuse everyone back home.

Friday, I haunt the tours below while vacuuming the second story of the Grant-Kohrs ranch house. As I jump for the millionth time this week (the floorboard squeaked!), I wonder, “This is history? This is my history internship?”

And it is. All of those events and the ones in between are directly connected to public history. That tour group haunted by Augusta Kohrs (me) vacuuming over their heads is the point, is the history.

Some bugs directly destroy artifacts (beetles and weevils!) while others are food for greater pests (oh those flies). The bug traps and vacuuming are directly related to the preservation of the artifacts and the house museum these tour groups see. As my supervisor Patricia Miller told a school group, “We’re cleaning so your children and your children’s children can see it in the same condition we see it today.”

The fake food? It brings verisimilitude to the kitchen, dining room, and bunkhouse kitchen. And it makes us look like we’re playing house! … I mean history.




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