Time for the round up

It’s been a long, eventful summer and it is coming to a close tomorrow (coincidentally my birthday!).

I have done some new things and some old things in a new way (there is always the curatorial way to do something). My favorite was last week during some technical difficulties – oh I had the full internet at my fingertips for research, but I needed to go trawling through the 20-year-old paper records first. And it is always fun to read primary sources, cursing those who didn’t write and praising those who saved everything until you have how many decades of ledgers to go through?

I’ve seen torrential rains (18 hours straight! made me move!), typical mountain west summer dryness, and what I’ve been told is unfortunately not atypical Montana summer smokiness. We had a 5.8 earthquake the 5th of July! (Curatorial tip – weigh down artifacts up high to minimize risk. We didn’t lose a thing except sleep.)

That rain in June flooded a portion of the ranch and leaked into the house! Luckily, no artifacts were near it and it was on the reproduction carpet in the sitting room, not the real deal. It still took a lot of work because it was still raining! And I don’t think they’ll know for many months if the fix worked since it hasn’t rained for more than an hour since.

The day after the rain, we had a skunk! The best I can guess from where I was (cleaning the floor and vacuuming the vents), something happened under the porch and it didn’t clear up for well over a week. (Curatorial tip – now is the time for the summer fans and an air purifier. You really don’t want skunk smell settling in to your nice textiles.)

Other critter sightings at the park – I’ve personally seen the ospreys, the prairie dogs, and the deer. Others have seen a badger and a moose!

I’ve also learned more about Park Service careers and what kind of work I enjoy. It’s been one wild summer and I’m ready for the next step.